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Know what’s going on at your boarding school from your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile phone

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Use Boardingware to track your students from anywhere...
Even if you and your staff aren't ‘tech savvy’

Boardingware lets your staff log in from anywhere with your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to find out where
all of your students are, and streamline tedious administration processes at your boarding school

Some of our features that will change your life

Boarding school software that has all the tools to save you time
Boardingware is simple, safe and has a great support system to make sure you're up and running 24/7 

Process Leave Requests

Leave requests can get out of hand. Streamline your leave processes with Boardingware’s Leave System

Take Rolls

Take your daily rolls on Boardingware and automatically file them away for your record keeping 

Integrate With Your Main SIS

Save your IT manager the headaches of getting started with yet another software product. Boardingware integrates with your SIS so you don’t have ‘double data entry’

Automatic Meal Counts

Letting your kitchen staff know the meal numbers for the weekend can be tedious and time consuming. Automatically your numbers are generated based on what your students are up to

Track Your Students

Keep your finger on the pulse at your boarding school. You will always know where everyone is by logging in to Boardingware

Smart Reports

Writing reports from memory and pieces of paper can be inaccurate. Create professional reports that give you accurate insights and analytics for each of your students.

Stay Mobile

The one good thing about clipboards is that you can carry them around with you while on duty. You can use Boardingware on your tablet, mobile phone or computer so you maintain the mobility you need

Easily Customizable

We don’t try and force our ‘best practices’ on you. You can make Boardingware work for you and fit in with the way you operate

Work Offline

When the internet goes down, your boarding school continues to operate. The last thing you want is switching back to pen and paper. Boardingware let’s you operate offline until the internet is back up

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“Before Boardingware it was like....well, living in the dark ages. We were still using paper and pen. We were worried that If we were to move to a digital model, we would lose touch with the girls and we actually found we had more engagement with the girls than with the previous model.

”The Boardingware staff is easy to work with and I wonder if they get any sleep, because we’ve never had any hesitation in getting a response from someone. They also put great programs together for us to teach both our staff and students to operate.”

”It's given us greater time to be with our girls, we’ve spent less time in the office filling out paperwork.”

Meshea Matthews, The Hockaday School, TX, USA
Watch 2 mins with Meshea

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