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How it works...

For Staff

Keep track of your students whereabouts.
Track behavioural progress of your boarders.
Discover trends and plan ahead.

For Students

Submit leave requests from anywhere.
Update and sync new contact information. 
Real time notifications for leave requests.

For Parents

Apply for leave on behalf of your children.
Keep informed of your children's activity. 
Notifications that don't disrupt your workday.

Where tradition meets innovation

Manage your boarding school like never before. Whether it's weekend leave requests and daily check in's, sharing pastoral notes or planning transport...Boardingware has you covered for all your boarding house needs in the simplest way possible.

Optimised leave forms and clear instructions mean there's no confusion or miscommunication when making a request.

Self-service check in/out saves time and enables your students to live independently.

Less time spent filling out forms and improved communications make permissions an enjoyable experience.

Reduce and manage risk around keeping track of your students whereabouts and pastoral information.

Improve communications between your staff, students and parents to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Spend less time with administrative tasks and more quality time with your students.

Improved communications allow parents to stay up to date and become more involved with their children's school life.

Automatic approval emails and notifications are simple and
non-disruptive to parent's busy work schedules.

Gain added peace of mind knowing your child's whereabouts is safely recorded in case of emergencies.

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Powerful features, simply designed

Super simple and easy-to-use, Boardingware is the ultimate boarding school solution to revolutionize the way you manage your boarders.

Simple on/off campus leave

Process off-campus leave requests with ease. Review requests, get parent approvals take notes and sign students out right from your Boardingware account.

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Track your students whereabouts

Easily check who's out of house, who's late and who's leaving soon, and where your students are right from your Boardingware homeboard. 

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Roll calls for any occasion

You take a lot of rolls a day, so it only makes sense that you can easily categorise and take rolls for specific situations. Create rolls for lights out, dinner, field trips etc.

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Record, track and share pastoral information

Don't wait till you get back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Record, track and access all your student pastoral information on the go.

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Cleanly integrate with your SIS

Integrate Boardingware with your SIS to prevent unnecessary double data manage and to keep your data consistent across all programs.

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Hassle-free cloud storage

We have multiple servers around the world to securely store your information at a location that suits you and your legislations. 

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Work offline, work anywhere

Use Boardingware even if you loose internet connection. Boardingware will automatically sync as soon as you re-connect.

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World class customer support

Get truly helpful support from a real person and not an automated response. We're here to help you 24/7.

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Smart insights

Intelligent analytics tell you what needs your attention and individual insights into every student allow you to better understand your students behaviour.

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