Safe and Simple Boarding School Software

  • Save Time Proven to save up to 75% of time spent on admin.
  • Protect Your Reputation Automatically secure & backup everything that happens in your Boarding School.
  • Impress Parents Effortlessly keep parents in the loop, keeping them up to date with their child's development.
  • Become More Mobile Manage your students anywhere, even on a field trip.
  • Improve Boarders Lives Make students lives simpler, allowing them to make the most of school.
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Used By Prestigious Boarding Schools Around The World

  • Mount Albert Grammar School emblemMount Albert Grammar School
  • Otago Boys High School emblemOtago Boys High School
  • Alabama School of Fine Arts emblemAlabama School of Fine Arts
  • Wanganui Girls College emblemWanganui Girls College
  • North London Collegiate School Jeju emblemNorth London Collegiate School Jeju
  • Waikato Diocesan emblemWaikato Diocesan
  • Hockaday School emblemHockaday School
  • Thomas Jefferson School emblemThomas Jefferson School
  • Southland Boys High School emblemSouthland Boys High School
  • Palmerston North Boys High emblemPalmerston North Boys High

Parents, Schools, Students love Boardingware

  • Let parents know what their children are up to at all times.
  • Parents don't have to fill out time consuming leave forms that are currently being used.
  • Parents can effortlessly respond from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to learn Interface, so simple your grandma could use it.
  • At the end of the day, parents still want to be parents. Boardingware allows them to be more involved with their child's activity.
  • Parents can sleep better at night knowing what their children are up to.
  • Stay Mobile and Keep Watch.
  • Eliminate tedious paperwork and filing.
  • Avoid the headaches and rush when students scramble after school to apply for leave.
  • Save time, no more counting meals and attendance manually.
  • Reduce emails back and forth between staff members.
  • Get other Staff members using the system without any expensive training.
  • Apply for leave from anything with a web browser.
  • Intuitive software, no learning required.
  • Save the hassle of having to do the same sign out every week.
  • Focus on what you're at school for, learning, extra-curriculars, prepping for university.
  • Stay on track, by having your parents involved in your day-to-day activities.
  • Reduce arguments with mum and dad, everything is recorded and secured so nothing is missed out.

You Designed it. We Built it.

boardingware can work on dektop, tablet and mobile

We collaborated with Boarding Schools from all over the world to design Boardingware. Each and every feature has been moulded by the ideas and feedback from Boarding School Directors, and Staff just like you.

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Boardingware Key Features

  • Multi-platform

    Boardingware works on desktop, tablet and phone
    Boardingware is both an iPad and web based application. This means you have complete freedom in how you integrate Boardingware into your unique Boarding School. Parents and students can also use Boardingware from any computer, tablet or smartphone so they can easily start using the system in no time.
  • Online Security

    Your data and information is completely secure We are dedicated to the security of your system, your students log in connection and data will be safe and secure with Boardingware. Boardingware is secured with industry-leading SSL technology. You and your students data is safer and more secure than with most online applications and is even safer than traditional offline storage.
  • Multiple Backups

    Boardingware stores user data in’s data centres. Every student’s information and absolutely anything that is entered into Boardingware is automatically and immediately copied into multiple backup locations worldwide. Because backups are done instantly, the rare interruption at one location can be automatically resolved by accessing data from another Amazon data centre location!
  • Get Setup in minutes

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    We’ve taken the pain out of getting started with new student management systems. Boardingware is fast and simple to use. You will be set up in minutes and can begin managing your students right away. The modern design and functionality will save hours in time each week. Logging students whereabouts, taking note of pastoral events and storing this data for future reference is done in just a few clicks.
  • Customer Support

    With technology, problems are inevitable. We have you sorted. You will be able to contact a real person via email or phone and we will have your problem solved in no time.
  • Fits your school

    We understand that every boarding school is different so we built Boardingware to be fully customizable so you can customize leave requirements, permissions and access control to suit your system’s specific needs.