About Boardingware

Our Mission and Vision

Boardingware is not just about technology. It's about helping you to provide greater care for your boarders. 

More than a simple tool to take care of your managerial tasks, Boardingware is an enjoyable experience for everyone that recognises the true benefits of boarding - the close relationship you have with your boarders and the impact you can have on their personal development.

So resultantly, it's our vision to provide you with the ultimate tools that empower you to spend as much quality time with your students as possible. Because at the end of the day, it's your students personal development that matters most.

To pull this off, we've made it our mission to create a system thats powerful and sophisticated yet dead simple and easy-to-use. A system you can trust and rely on and ultimately, a system that will have a positive impact on boarding schools around the world.

At Boardingware, we live by certain values:

Simplicity Trumps Complexity

Communication is Key

Work as a Team

Be Open, Listen and Share

Be Better than Yesterday

Meet the Boardingware family

We are primarily based out of Auckland, New Zealand, but we also have a very strong remote presence throughout the world.

Our tightly-knit team is made up of real people from very different backgrounds, allowing us to bring unique perspectives to the table. We are designers, programmers, writers, speakers, learners, architects, team players and hard workers, and together with the Boardingware community, are on a mission to help make a positive impact on boarding schools around the world.

Paul Organ
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Kurt Meyer
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Mario Blazevic
Frankie Gallagher
Kathleen Lowry
Customer Success Manager
Todd Lewis
Customer Success Manager
Nicholas Hillier
NZ/AUS Solutions Specialist
Marc Rauckhorst
US Solutions Specialist
Jon Magnus
UK Solutions Specialist
Vincent Paget
Marketing Manager

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