Customizable to suit your boarding school

Customize Boardingware to suit your existing boarding policies and procedures. 

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Create your own leave types to suit your existing workflow

Create your custom leave form

Create custom leave types to cater for any situation. Simply select the criteria that's needed and your students fill it out.

Multiple host approvers

Sometimes it's necessary to gain approval from more than one person. That's why Boardingware allows you to set more than one person to approve a leave request.

Manage leave types

Easily manage all your leave types from one place. Add, remove or edit leave types as you please.

Create roll types for any occasion

Recurring rolls

You take a lot of rolls a day, so it only makes sense that you can create different roll types for your routine roll calls. Create a roll for lights out, dinner, field trips, study groups....The options are endless.

Roll types also categorize your attendance records, making it really easy when you need to find a specific roll.

One-off rolls

Sometimes you need to take a roll call for a special occasion, so for that reason, Boardingware allows you to create a one-off roll. This way you can still organize the roll call without having to create a roll type.

Emergency rolls

In-case of emergency, Boardingware allows you to easily take a roll call for all students in a particular group, house or even all students school wide.

Create student groups to help save time with bulk actions

Create groups

Create student groups for anything - sports teams, study groups, prefects, field trips, year levels etc

Group actions

Working with groups makes your life a whole lot easier. Take a roll check for a specific group, sign a whole group out at once, take notes for a certain group and much more.

School management

Student houses

Segment your students into different houses to make managing your students simpler.

User restrictions

Restrict certain users from performing certain actions to create a greater amount of control within your residential team.

Custom fields

Create custom fields for your students profiles so you can add any additional information you require. Create fields for medical, dietary, preferences etc.

Custom branding

Customize the Boardingware interface to make it feel apart of your school culture.