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Get actionable insights and reports to evaluate what's been happening in your boarding school and why.

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Gone are the days of meaningless reports. Boardingware now offers you actionable insights to truly understand what's really happening in your boarding school. Boardingware uses the information gathered from your daily activities to automatically generate easy-to-understand visual summaries for individual students, house groups or your entire school, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions and plan future actions.

Student leave insights

Get insights into past and future leave numbers so you can easily and confidently plan meals, transport and other necessary logistics in advance.

Student pastoral insights

Discover trends and insights around your students well-being. Are they always getting in trouble? are they being rewarded for good behaviour? at what periods of the year do they get sick? etc

Student roll insights

Discover trends and insights about your students attendance behaviours. Discover who is arriving late frequently, who's always on time etc

School analytics

Analyse your insights at the school wide level to discover patterns and trends in your boarding school.

House analytics

Analyse your insights for any specific house group and begin to understand how your houses operate throughout the school year.

Individual analytics

Analyse data for your individual students. Get more granular insights into certain student's pastoral information, attendance records and leave patterns.