Manage student pastoral information as a team

Record, track and share behavioural incidents online with pastoral care software - Reduce hours spent on administration and enhance the safeguarding of your students.

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Categorize pastoral notes for better organization

Organise pastoral entries into different categories to make them easier to search and understand at a glance

View the pastoral history for every student

Enter a students profile to view their complete pastoral record.

Take pastoral notes on the move

Don't wait till you get back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Record, track and access all your student pastoral information on the go.

Keep track of behavioural incidents, medical information and notable events from your mobile device.

Keep an eye on students with the watchlist

Whether your boarders are constantly causing trouble or they're setting a great example, 'flag' them on the Watchlist so your staff are aware of students that need attention.

Mark information as sensitive

Mark certain incidents as sensitive and restrict certain users from viewing sensitive information.

Communicate end-of-shift reports through the message board

A simple and effective way to leave notes for the next person on duty, so they can start their shift right where you left off, without delay.