6 Simple steps to get the most value from your
Boardingware experience

Start your 21-day free trial

Let's get started. Dive right in and try some of our great features to see how Boardingware will revolutionize the way you manage your students.


- Input details into the free trial form.
- Use dummy data or import a selection of your student data with our simple CSV import
- Book a demo to get a personal product tour learn what Boardingware can do for you

15 mins

Configure your account and run your first sign-out

Configure your Boardingware account to suit your existing workflow. This'll make it incredibly easy for you and your staff to pick up Boardingware and it'll also ensure that you'll be able to get the most value out of Boardingware.


- Setup custom leave forms, roll types, groups, destinations etc
- Invite the rest of your staff to create a user account
- Sign your first student in/out

30 mins

Take advantage of your personal training sessions

Take advantage of your free personal training sessions to ensure you can quickly get up to speed. Our training sessions are goal orientated so you'll start to make progress and see improvements right away.


- Book and Run through online training sessions
- Complete your goals at your own pace. Because Boardingware is incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use, you'll be able to pick up most of it without any assistance.

30 mins

Go live and manage your first weekend

Going live with Boardingware is an exciting step. Rolling out Boardingware school-wide is a smooth and enjoyable process. 


- Integrate Boardingware with your SIS, SMS or MIS
- Import your student data
- Invite parents to Boardingware
- Take advantage of Boardingware's features and take control of your students

20 mins

Track your performance

Take the guess work out of managing your boarders and get actionable insights into the performance of your residential team.


- Use the Boardingware insights tool to review the performance of your students
- Create reports and share the insights with your residential team

5 mins

Plan ahead and take control of your students

Use the information gathered from your insights to plan and make quick data-driven decisions about future logistics


- Use the planning tool to visualize numbers and plan future activities
- Use Boardingware daily to ensure you gather up-to-date information
- Subscribe to the Boardingware blog so you get notified of cool new features and updates
- Have fun

10 mins

And That's It.

From zero to running the world's best boarding school in just 6 easy steps with Boardingware.

Ready to try Boardingware?

Jump in and explore the best boarding school software risk-free with our 14-day free trial. If you need any help along the way get in touch with our support team or visit our help centre.