Parents love Boardingware because they can connect with their children like never before. With all the information in the cloud, parents can easily check what their children have been doing and keep well informed of their activity.

Parents can apply for leave on behalf of their children

Preset leave types simplify the leave process and allow parents to easily apply for leave on behalf of their children right from their mobile device.

Parents can also view the status of their leave requests, see who's approved, who hasn't and any other notes or changes that are made along the way

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2. Parents can approve leave requests via email or straight from their mobile device

Parents are automatically notified when their children apply for leave.

They can then review all the details of that leave, and approve or decline the request directly from their email inbox or their mobile device.

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Parents may be informed of their children's leave and pastoral activity

With Boardingware, you can choose to allow parents to view their children's pastoral and leave records. This is a great way to break down the barriers that come with boarding and create transparency between you, your parents and their children.

Parents can also view, add and update their children's contact details. This means you don't have to waste your valuable time manually changing your boarders contact details.

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