Can't decide which boarding school software is right for your school?

Here's 10 reasons why boarding schools from around the world have chosen Boardingware over the competition.

Reason 1

Boardingware is intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use

More than a beautiful design, Boardingware's interface is incredibly simple and effortless to use that even your staff with no technical experience will be able pick it up in minutes.

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"We have seasoned people who have been here 30, 40 years, they're not necessarily prone to using technology....and they really enjoy it"

- Kristina Bethea, Dean of students at St Margarets School, VA, United States

Reason 2

It's quick and easy to get started with Boardingware

Boardingware's dedicated customer success team makes setting up and getting started easy. Personalized training sessions ensure your team is up to speed and they're always there to help you whenever you need.

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"Getting started with Boardingware was a lot easier than I thought...I basically just had to turn it on and briefly educate the boys to use it which they picked it up straight away. It was up and running straight away with no problems."

- Murray Barker - Hostel manager at Napier Boys High School

Reason 3

Boardingware gives you peace of mind

As a boarding professional, it's your responsibility to keep track of your students whereabouts and personal well-being. This can get stressful when you have hundreds of boarders to care for. 

Boardingware helps to reduce your stress and manage risk by always keeping track of your students whereabouts.

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"Now that we have the Boardingware Application assisting us with our student management, we can easily take roll calls and curfew checks and always know where our students are at all times."

- Paul Vilestra, Hostel manager at Otago Boys High School, NZ

Reason 4

Boardingware Integrates cleanly with your SIS

Boardingware integrates directly with your SIS, SMS or MIS making implementation incredibly simple and data-management a breeze. Single-sign-on capabilities also means that Boardingware will be easily accessible for everyone.

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Reason 5

Hassle-free cloud storage that complies with your regions legislations

Multiple-servers around the world keep your student information closer to home and within your regions legislations. And for added peace of mind, all your data is heavily guarded to the same level as the military.

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Reason 6

Prompt customer support that's available 24/7

With 13 staff and 3 offices around the world, Boardingware's dedicated customer success team is here to help you wherever, whenever.

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"The Boardingware staff is fantastic to work with and I wonder if they get any sleep, because we've never had any hesitation in getting a response from someone. They also put great programs together for us to teach both our staff and students to operate"

- Meshea Mathews - Dean of students at The Hockaday School, TX, United States

Reason 7

Customize Boardingware to suit your existing workflow

Create and edit custom leave forms, student groups, roll types and more. Boardingware is flexible and designed to adapt and grow with your boarding environment. Work the way you want to and enhance the boarding experience for everyone.

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"Signing boarders is much easier now with Boardingware as the process is mobile, simple, and able to be customised to the way we want to use it." 

- Barry & Joanne Codlin - Boarding directors at Wanganui Girls College, NZ

Reason 8

Boardingware takes the guesswork out of managing your boarders

Boardingware's insights and planning features will help you to run the best boarding school you possibly can. Evaluate what's really happening with your students and use the data collected to plan future events without the guesswork.

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Reason 9

You can manage your students from anywhere, even offline

Forget about going back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Boardingware is mobile responsive and also works offline so you can keep track of your students anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Reason 10

You can trust Boardingware to bring you the best

Obsessed with simplicity and innovation, the Boardingware team works non-stop to bring you all the features you need and nothing you don't. Everything we do is aligned with our core values and laser focused on how we can have the greatest impact on residential teams and boarding schools around the world.

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