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Adapting Boardingware to the Covid-Safe Charter

With lockdown measures easing, boarding schools now face a host of challenges as they plan to safely reopen and reassure pupils, families and staff that boarding is a safe environment to return to.

In our latest webinar, we take a closer look at the new Covid guidelines published by government and boarding associations, and explore how to put them into action with Boardingware.

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Remove the administrative burden for duty staff

Automate and streamline the daily administration required to keep track of students, so duty staff can spend their time with students, not paper.

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Bring all your boarding information together in one place, so you always have access to a single source of truth to account for your students whereabouts and pastoral activity.

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Make insights accessible and easy to action...

Let Boardingware provide you with super-powers to extend your capacity and provide exceptional care to every student.

And build a safer campus with...

Built-in Emergency Response

Automate emergency communications and use the live location data already stored in Boardingware to intelligently allocate resources, accelerate response times and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved in the event of a crisis.

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accurate and reliable Chronological Student Records

Need to prove compliance or quickly respond to a Request For Information? Not to worry, Boardingware automatically builds a chronological record for all your student information. Giving you one secure place to access, search and retrieve historical records whenever you need to.

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Enterprise level security

We lead the way in enterprise security for education management. In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, we operate comprehensive compliance and assurance programmes to give you the peace of mind that all your data is in the safest hands.

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HIPAA Compliant
GDPR Compliant
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
ISO/IEC 27018 Certified
Everything you need to fulfil your duty of care and protect your students, wrapped up in one simple platform.
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Join hundreds of boarding schools who rely on Boardingware to fulfil their duty of care and build a safe environment for their students

Our reservations were around losing that face-to-face contact but in fact, it's improved that and even more than I expected it would

Kate Hunt
Assistant Director of Boarding, St Cuthberts College, NZ

Empowering all adults with a digital platform to instantly update information about student location has increased our ability to know where students are. This has been the most helpful in terms of increasing communication and capacity.

Allie Maxwell
Former Director of Residential Life, Wyoming Seminary, PA

It is well worth the money spent for the program. Between regular roll out of new features, staff that are readily available to help, and the peace of mind it gives faculty responsible for students' whereabouts, it is a God-send.

Hans Hermanson
Residence Life Coordinator, Blue Ridge School, VA

The checkpoint kiosk has allowed us to give each house a really effective way to manage the signing in and out of the house members. The system looks very professional and sets the right tone to all stakeholders, in particular parents when they visit the houses.

Andy Barnes
Director of Technology, Bryanston School, UK

I don't think you can look a parent in the eye and say 'we are doing everything we can' if you don't have Boardingware on your campus. There is no better way to keep track of students on and off campus in our modern age.

Andrew Wright
Former Director of Residential Life, Foxcroft Academy, ME

When we go on duty, we use the 'Activity Feed' to immediately learn what has been taking place leading up to that moment - Who is sick, who is off campus, who missed the breakfast roll. All of this information is in one place.

Antxon Iturbe
Director of Residential Life, St Anne's Belfield School, VA

The most important part of boarding for us is the care of the boys whose parents trust us to look after their sons. In order to do this, being able to give them our time and attention is critical.

Danny Sidgreaves
Boarding Coordinator, St Joseph's College, Australia
Users love Boardingware on G2
Boardingware is a leader in K-12 Student Information Systems on G2
Boardingware is a leader in K-12 Student Information Systems on G2
Boardingware is a leader in Mid-Market K-12 Student Information Systems on G2
Boardingware is a leader in Mid-Market K-12 Student Information Systems on G2

See why the worlds best boarding schools rely on Boardingware to account, care and safeguard students.

We have greatly appreciated the simplicity that Boardingware has provided in helping us create a safe and healthy campus. The simple process of sign ins at meals and on dorm have actually allowed faculty to get to know new students quicker, and facilitated more student and faculty connection as it requires less time to account for where students are.

Marcia Yochum
Dean of Students, Virginia Episcopal School

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