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Junior Engineer

We’re looking for people like us - on their way to being extraordinary.

We make software for private schools.  They love it.  We want them to love it even more.

We’re growing fast. Faster than most companies.

Our goals are ambitious.  Far too ambitious for us to achieve alone.  We need help.
But, not from just anyone.

Honestly, we don’t have any preconceptions of what you should be.  Our team comes from a diverse background.  We like to think we can recognise talent when we see it.

Here’s an idea of what we’re looking for:

- You’re constantly pushing the boundaries, looking for better ways to do things

- You’re someone who obsesses over their work

- You’re no stranger to good grades, accolades and praises

- You’re someone with experience with web technologies

- You are familiar with computer vision and machine learning

- You have the ability to learn and adapt

- You’re driven, curious and considerate

- You’re friendly and optimistic

You'll be working on our core product.  A web application for parents, students and school staff.  Developing new features, improving current features.  Sometimes you'll work on R&D projects to create new possibilities for our platform.

Our stack consists of and AngularJS frontend, with Sails.js and MySQL backend running on AWS

This is what you’ll gain from working with us:

- A calm and focused environment where you can do your best work

- People who will challenge you to be a better everyday

- Meaningful problems to work on

- Opportunities to learn and develop skills

- Money to spend on nice things

- Friends and mentors

- Help towards achieving your life goals. 

Who Are We?

Boardingware is a global team working towards a common mission.
These are the values that unite us and influence the way we work together.

1. Simplicity beats complexity
We believe in refining everything into it’s simplest form. This includes our communication, products, systems and processes.

2. If in doubt, communicate
Communication is the foundation to teamwork. Never question whether or not you need to tell a teammate about new decisions. Clear and concise communication is important for massive productivity.

3. Teamwork before self
In the pursuit of our personal goals, we must be mindful of how our actions impact the team as a whole. We should always put the interests of our team first.

4. Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement is deep-rooted in our culture. It can seem like an attitude of constant dissatisfaction, which is the foundations for striving for greatness.

5. Customer Centric
We don’t worry about what our competitors are doing. We are aware of them, but we never look to them for what we should do next. Instead, we listen to our customers and strive to understand them better than anyone. They are the ones that pay us, not our competitors.

Here's What We Offer

Along with our great culture - we offer perks and benefits that
we hope will excite you to work at Boardingware


We will contribute $1000NZD/annum towards a conference of your choice. The goal would be to help you deepen your understanding of a topic related to your career path.


Fresh fruit and health snacks will be available to all employees throughout the work week. If you forget to pack your lunch or you're saving for something special, you can count on having the basics you need to keep yourself fueled throughout the day.


Learning is engrained in our culture. You will have $250NZD/annum for books (or kindle books) of your choice to further your development.


Those that show commitment to our mission and contribute positively to the team are rewarded with equity in the business.

Work Remotely

If you're not based in Auckland, you have the chance to work remotely from a shared space or your home. All that matters is that you get the work done.

Online Education

We will contribute $250/annum towards any online course that you would like to participate in.


Free MacBook when you join us so you can do your best work.


All New Zealand employees have their healthcare covered with Boardingware.

Still Reading? We want to hear from you!

Email jobs@boardingware.com with your CV and a paragraph on why you'd be a great fit for the team. Tell us why you're interested in applying for this role and any highlights from your career or personal life that show evidence of our values.