About Boardingware

How ex-boarding students started Boardingware

Boardingware was founded in 2013 as result of a simple observation: technology was becoming a big part of everyone's life yet boarding schools were still using inconsistent pen and paper methods to manage their students. This led Paul Organ and Kurt Meyer to create the vision for a more efficient and connected experience in boarding management and to develop the boardingware platform to support it.

Since the beginning, we've tried to stay true to our core beliefs to provide you with the best product possible and to deliver an exceptional experience for our boarding community. We owe a huge thanks to our customers for joining us on our journey and we hope you'll continue to be a part of our story for many years to come.

2017 - New Office in Sydney, Australia

In addition to our offices in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, We finally have a man on the ground in Sydney to help us provide an exceptional product and service to all regions of Australia.

2016 - 100 customers in 11 countries, WooHoo!

What a milestone! More than 100 boarding schools from around the world are now using Boardingware and we couldn't be any happier.

2016 - Boardingware launches insights

Gone are the days of software reports. We've revolutionised the way you process your student information you enter into Boardingware every day. Now you can get a visual summary of all your past information, start to make more intelligent decisions and gain a quantitative understanding of what’s really happening in your boarding school.

2016 - 12 Boarding agents in 3 nations

With staff in 3 offices around the world, our service is enhanced to a new level. Our schools can now access someone for help 24/7

2016 - The UK!

With a few schools already using Boardingware we started to build an international following. Schools started to spread the word about our excellent service and we made our first hire in London so we can continue to spread our wings overseas.

2015 - America Pt. II

We hired our first staff in the USA helping us to provide value to even more schools stateside.

2015 - 50 schools in 10 nations

Woohoo. 50 schools using and paying for Boardingware

2015 - Seed investment

New Zealand’s up and coming investment firm Punakaiki Fund lead by Lance Wiggs (Yale, MBA) invested in our company to help set us up to scale.

2014 - America!

We began to add customers from the USA and attended our first TABS conference in Washington, DC. The same problems were being experienced by boarding schools from all around the world.

2014 - Too big for the lounge

We added more members to our team and got too big for the original office in Paul and Kurt’s apartment. We moved into new offices and the customer base continued to grow.

2014 - Angel investment

Ex-Hedge Fund manager Vance Murdoch gave us some early capital to allow us to focus on the product.

2014 - Webstock finalists (Wellington, NZ)

Boardingware was selected as a finalist in the Webstock Startup Alley and introduced us to the vibrant startup scene in New Zealand. With encouraging words from those over at Hapara and Philip Fierlinger - Head of Design and Co-Founder at Xero we started to think even bigger.

2014 - Customers!

We released our first version of Boardingware and had paying customers right out of the gate.

August 2013 - Our first prototype built in collaboration with boarding schools

We surveyed 40 schools from around the world to get their feedback on what we were building. This allowed us to get a global perspective from very early on.

June 2013 - The Beginning

Customer first has always been our mantra. Kurt Meyer and Paul Organ interviewed the schools they attended to see if they were experiencing any pains in the way they operated their boarding houses/residences. Both schools came back saying the same things:

1 - Keeping track of their students whereabouts
2 - Processing weekend leave
3 - Keeping track of the students well-being