Create custom workflows

Custom workflows allow you to adapt Boardingware to suit your existing boarding policies and procedures.

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Create custom leave types for any scenario

Assign leave types to certain students

Control who has access to certain leave types by simply assigning them to specific houses or student groups.

Live form builder 

Simply select which details you need for your leave type and watch your form magically appear in front of your eyes.

Design your own workflow

Not all leave scenarios are the same. With Boardingware you decide who has access and who needs to approve the request at each stage of the process.

Set your own rules

Give yourself more control over your leave permissions with "Hard" or "Soft" departure and return time rules.

Terms and Conditions

Protect your legal liability by setting up custom terms and conditions for anyone that requests or approves a leave.

Preset default leave options

Streamline the process even further by setting default leave details to automatically appear each time someone uses that leave type.

Be the master of your student data

Houses and groups

Simplify your boarding management by organising your students into different houses and student groups.

Smart groups

Use smart groups to automatically assign and update student groups according to certain filters and conditions.

Custom fields

Use custom fields to keep track of all the personal information you need for your students.

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