School Management

Student Database

Customise and manage your student database to suit your school management policies and procedures

Data Management

Be the master of your student data

Houses and groups

Simplify your boarding management by organising your students into different houses and student groups.

Smart groups

Use smart groups to automatically assign and update student groups according to certain filters and conditions.

Custom fields

Use custom fields to keep track of all the personal information you need for your students.


Ready-to-go SIS integrations

Boardingware has multiple SIS integration partners with all kinds of third party products and major school management systems from around the world. Each integration is ready to plug directly into your existing workflow so you can start saving time and eliminate the hassle of double-data-management straight away.

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Security and privacy built in

We take the responsibility of managing your data seriously and have built Boardingware with security and privacy as a top priority.

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Your data is encrypted over the internet and at rest
You can manage user access and feature permissions
Multi-regional Storage
Store your data in a region that meets your data sovereignty regulations
GDPR Ready
Boardingware will erase data when your users exercise rights outline by GDPR
Boardingware is HIPPA Compliant
Student Privacy Pledge
Boardingware has signed the Student Privacy Pledge

"The biggest aspect we benefit from is the heightened security that Boardingware provides."

Steve Gardner,
Director of Boarding at The Harefield Academy

Getting started is easy

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