Student Data Privacy and Security

Boardingware uses industry leading security measures to ensure your student data is kept safe and complies with your regions legislations.

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Regular updates at times that suit you

Working with multiple servers means we can manage updates without disturbing your daily routine. So you can trust and rely on Boardingware to be live 24/7.

Store your data within your states legislative laws

We have multiple servers around the world, so we can securely store your information at a location that suits you and your legislations.

Built to perform at scale

Our strong foundation and back-end infrastructure means Boardingware is built to perform at scale with unlimited potential.

Data is securely stored online

With Boardingware, you data is not stored on your computer in multiple files or loose folders. It's stored online in the cloud and backed up in several locations so you'll never lose your data.

Multiple firewall layers and network security

Boardingware is hosted in a first-class data centre with a completely dedicated network and firewall.

Data encryption fit for the military

All your data is heavily encrypted to the same level as the military - SSL encryption methods keep your data safe and secure.

Cloud vs On-Premise Hosting

What's more secure... Hosting your data in the cloud or using your own servers on-site within your school grounds. Click the link below to read about the common misconceptions we hear with cloud and on-premise solutions.

top 5 myths about "cloud" vs "on-Premise" hosting >

We Go The Extra Mile

We like to go beyond the call of duty and continue to look for new ways to improve the security of your data.

Learn More About The Student Privacy Pledge >

Nothing To Hide

As a software provider, we believe that you deserve to know exactly how our security protocols work. So we made all our security and technical documentation available for you to view and download online.

View Our Security Documentation >

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