Student Accountability

Plan And Organise Group Activities And Events

Use the Event Coordinator to create, plan and manage student events like a pro

Create Events

Everything you need to manage events

Create recurring events

Win back precious time by setting events to automatically repeat on a daily or weekly basis. Just create it once and let Boardingware do the heavy-lifting for you.

Set submission deadlines

Get students to submit their requests on time by enforcing a submission deadline, so don't have to frantically process requests and organise travel arrangements last minute on a Friday.

Customise how students respond to your event invitations

It doesn't matter if you want students "Sign-up", "Apply" or "Request Leave", you can customise the response options to be whatever you like. You can also prevent students from declining an event, set quotas and schedule submission reminders.

Promote health and safety compliance

Include a health and safety checklist to address any inherent risks associated with your event, raise safety awareness and demonstrate compliance.

Collect submissions

Get the answers you need to accurately plan events

Event submissions made easy

Students and parents can simply view their assigned upcoming events, and respond with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ right from their mobile device. It’s that easy.

Automate follow up reminders

Stop manually following up with students to find out if they will be participating in your event or activity. Instead, use the power of automation send multiple submission reminders to get students to respond to your event faster.

Track your progress

Keep track of events at every stage of the planning process

Get a real-time overview of your events

From the event coordinator, you can quickly see a summary of all your event details, including event dates, submission deadlines and response rates.

See exactly who has responded to your event

See exactly which students have opted-in and who is still yet to respond. You can then check when they were last reminded, update their status manually or prompt them with another reminder.

Archive completed events

Completed events are automatically archived so you can uphold consistent record keeping practices.

"With our previous system I was getting phone calls all weekend. I would get 10-15 phone calls a day and I’d be lucky to get 1 with Boardingware."

Caralyn Dea,
Head of Boarding at Toorak College

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