student accountability

Location Manager

Distill the complexity of managing student movements into a simple location based model.

step 1

Map out your on-and-off campus locations

Zones, locations and sub-locations

Organise and map out your campus into different zones, locations and sub-locations, so you can easily find, understand and distinguish between who is on and off campus.

Enrich location records

Enrich your locations with information such as location type, address, lat-long coordinates and privacy settings.

step 2

Make locations interactive

Multiple check-in options

Interactive locations give you the ability to manage and control how students are checked-into different locations, so you can ensure the correct safety procedures are being followed.

In-transit tracking

Turn on "In-Transit" tracking to record how long it takes students to reach their next location.

Connected passes and checkpoints

All your connected leave types, passes and checkpoints are displayed within the same screen. Giving you full visibility and control of all the workflows and processes that are related to each location.

step 3

Account for students in real-time

Filter by locations

Use the location filters to quickly understand where your students are, and drill down into any areas of concern.

Residents vs Visitors

Easily see how many people are checked in to your dorm/house and quickly distinguish who is a resident or visitor.

Easily identify anomalies

"In-Transit" tracking helps to identify when someone is taking longer than expected so you can quickly respond and resolve any concerns.

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