Student care

Efficiently Plan and Prepare Meals

Use the mealboard to save time, cut costs and minimise food waste when preparing meals

Meal prep

Live meal numbers for your catering team

Set you own custom meal times, and let Boardingware calculate the number of meals you need to prepare everyday.

The meal board tells you exactly how many students are scheduled to be on campus for each meal, so you can accurately prepare your meals, minimise food waste and reduce the amount of money spent on food.

Special Requirements

Take care of dietary requirements

The meal board provides you with a list of who will be attending each meal. It will also tell you which students have dietary requirements, making it easy for you to prepare special meals and avoid any allergic disasters.

"Overall, the web based functionality and transparency of Boardingware allows us to communicate smoothly in real-time"

Daniel Skoglund,
Director of Diversity & Student Affairs at Millbrook School

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