Reliable Student Accountability

Get a real-time view of where all your students are so you can ensure that they're all accounted for. 

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Everything in one place

Check exactly where all your students are right from your mobile device. Quickly flick between students who are in-house, out-of-house or late to return.

Real-time information

Everything is instantly updated, so you can trust that the information is accurate and confidently account for your students.

Account for your students past leave

Student profiles contain an entire history of leave events so you can easily go back and account for students past movements.

Notifications tell you what's happening

Get instant notifications about important student activity so you always know what's happening

real-time notifications

Receive notifications for important events such as when a student requests leave, is added to the watchlist or when a student is late to sign back in.

Notification preferences

With custom preferences, you get to decide what you get notified about, which students you want to receive notifications for, and how you want to receive the notification (mobile or email).

Get a visual overview for your students whereabouts

Use the leave-board to quickly see where all your students are at a glance

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