Student Tracking

A student tracking system that gives you a real-time view of where all your students are so you can enjoy the peace of mind that they're all safe and accounted for. 

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real-time student tracking

See exactly where all your students are at a glance

Real-time information

All your students information is updated in real-time and consolidated into one place, so you can trust that the information is accurate and confidently account for where everyone is.

quickly find what you need

Advanced filters allow you to quickly search through your students to find the information you need. Plus you can access everything from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Account for your students past leave

Student profiles contain an entire history of past leave events so you can easily go back and account for certain activities if required.

student tracking notifications
smart notifications

get notified about important activity

real-time notifications

Receive notifications for important events such as when a student requests leave, is added to the watchlist or when a student is late to sign back in.

Notification Preferences

With custom preferences, you get to decide what you get notified about, which students you want to receive notifications for, and how you want to receive the notification (mobile or email).

Foxcroft Academy

"With safety as one of our highest priorities in the boarding world, I don't think you can look a parent in the eye and say 'we are doing everything we can' if you don't have Boardingware on your campus. There is no better way to keep track of students on-and-off campus in our modern age."

- Andrew Wright, Director of Residential Life

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