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Blandford, United Kingdom

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Andy Barnes
Director of Technology

What was the biggest challenge before you used Boardingware at your school?

Accounting for pupils whereabouts at times outside of structured lessons. As a boarding school operating 24/7 it is important we can account for the location of our pupils particularly when not in their boarding house.

What was the process of getting started with Boardingware like?

One of my goals has been to make our environment paperless so when I met the Boardingware team at the BSA Deputy Heads Conference in Brighton I was straight away intrigued. We looked at other solutions but the simplicity of this product really appealed.

What has the success/support team at Boardingware been like to work with?

In short it is excellent, very responsive and knowledgeable. We have a regular point of contact who has an excellent understanding of the product and is able to translate this into very effective solutions for us.

What was it like to get the rest of your team up and running with Boardingware?

Very straight forward we scaled the administration to a few key members of the support department and gave Housemasters control over their own house accounts.The level of synchronisation with our MIS means there is very little support needed.

What has allowed you to be so successful with Boardingware?

From the outset we have worked closely as a team combining both pastoral and technical elements of the school. Having a pilot project with key pastoral staff also helped make sure any changes of use where clearly understood before scaling to the whole school.

Has there been a particular Boardingware feature that has helped you the most?

Checkpoint kiosk has allowed us to give each house a really effective way to manage the signing in and out of the house members. The system looks very professional and sets the right tone to all stakeholders, in particular parents when they visit the houses.

What would you say to other schools looking to implement Boardingware at their school?

Plan well! Bring together both pastoral and technical teams and focus on a series of short term steps to get you to a longer term objective.

What made you choose Boardingware over the other options out there?

Reviewing the other options led us clearly to Boardingware, it has proved to be the correct decision.

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About Bryanston School

Bryanston School is an HMC independent boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 13 to 18, set in a beautiful 400-acre site near Blandford Forum in Dorset. Founded in 1928, the school aims above all to develop the all-round talents of individual pupils. A broad, flexible academic and extra-curricular programme is offered and each pupil benefits from considerable one-to-one help and guidance from a personal tutor, subject teachers and housemaster/housemistress. Bryanston aims to combine the best of the new and the old, as befits the school motto 'et nova et vetera'.

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