Kristina Bethea
Dean of Students

What was life like before Boardingware?

A lot of paper. We had a lot of paper. Students are filling up forms and parents were filling out separate forms online. We were constantly contacting parents, trying to track them down to check if they were allowed to ride with this person or go with this person. But now with Boardingware it’s really nice because if I see a green or a blue icon, I know that the parent has approved it.

What was it like getting started with Boardingware?

It's been very convenient for us. I’ve gotten great responses from the Boardingware staff as far timely communication for questions or suggestions and they also showed a sincere interest in trying to understand our current processes. They listened to what we had to say and made adjustments to the system in a way that would benefit us as well as being advantageous to other schools.

They were all are very receptive in getting back to us and using our feedback to improve the system has made our relationship very good. We really enjoyed working with the Boardingware staff because they payed attention to those things that were potentially life changing for us.

What has been the biggest impact since using Boardingware?

It’s been very simple to use even if you don’t have a lot of training on how to use it and that's something that has really helped us out significantly, especially as we have seasoned people, people who have been here 30, 40 years, who aren't necessarily prone to using technology and they really enjoy it.  

A lot of our staff was like, “Where was this years ago?  Why have we been not using this?”

I think they've now become really receptive towards getting rid of all the paper especially because everything just wasn’t together and we just didn't have the storage for all the paperwork. Nothing was stapled and we we’re just losing stuff.

The fact we can host it, keep it in one place and if we need it we can pull it out has been very helpful for us.

About St Margaret's School:

St Margaret's School is an independent, all-girls boarding and day school located in the town of Tappahannock, Virginia, United States.

Their residential life program offers a structured and nurturing environment for young girls to grow in relation to the five tenets that guide them: Faith, Community, Respect, Understanding and Diversity.

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