Manage your student data with

Blackbaud OnCampus and Boardingware

Automatically sync your student data between Blackbaud onCampus and Boardingware

Get set up in minutes

Simply input your API credentials and let Boardingware take care of the rest.

Win time and eliminate errors

Automatically sync your important student information to eliminate the need for manual data entry.

No maintenance required

Set it and forget it. Your student data will sync automatically every 24 hours, no maintenance required.

About Blackbaud onCampus

Everything associated with your school’s community - from academic class pages to athletic teams and everything in between. OnCampus makes it easy to for Teachers and group leaders to communicate with their constituents and our easy and intuitive design makes it simple to manage in one location.

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Learn the full power of onCampus and Boardingware

There's no substitute for a personal experience - See exactly how Boardingware and Blackbaud onCampus work together in a live demonstration, or get hands on with a 14-day free trial.