Maximise your data security with

ThisData and Boardingware

Cutting edge security for your boarding data:

Account Takeover Detection

ThisData monitors login activity and will alert you if they detect any unusual behaviour.

Machine Learning Algorithms

This Data uses machine learning to create a data network by aggregating anonymized threat data to combat cyber threats collectively.

No Setup Required

ThisData is automatically setup for all Boardingware users so you can enjoy the confidence that your personal data is properly protected.

About ThisData

ThisData is a private, venture-backed data security company leading the way in Account Takeover (ATO) attack detection.ThisData protects businesses from phishing, brute force, and social engineering attacks that may lead to account compromise and sensitive, personal data being stolen.

We detect potential security threats by utilizing our unique anomaly detection engine and machine learning algorithms to monitor logins, build behavioral profiles for users, and alert on suspicious activity that may indicate account takeover.

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