Capita SIMS

Capita SIMS + Boardingware Integration

Sync your student database with Capita SIMS

To get the most out of Boardingware, you'll need to import your student data. Boardingware provides a native integration to import students from your SIMS database and automatically syncs with SIMS every 24 hours. This ensures that your data management remains consistent across platforms.

Setting up the Boardingware + SIMS sync means you can easily deploy Boardingware across your entire school, no matter the number of students. And since all updates to your SIMS database are pushed to Boardingware, you're database will automatically update as your student population changes.


  • Sync student data from SIMS to Boardingware with just your API credentials.
  • Makes it quick and simple to roll out Boardingware in across your school
  • Automatically update student data in the Boardingware platform when SIMS is updated
  • Set it and forget it. Your student data will sync automatically every 24 hours, no maintenance required.

SIMS is a management information system used by schools in the UK. It provides teachers, senior leaders and support staff with the tools to efficiently manage daily school like and drive improvement in their schools.

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