Boardingware + SchoolPro Integration

Boardingware has partnered with Wonde to enable data integration with SchoolPro by Third Eye Infotech. Wonde is an integration solution that allows schools to securely control their MIS data and manage integrations with multiple third-party applications. With Wonde you can sync core information between SchoolPro and Boardingware to ensure all users have access to accurate and consistent data.

Whether your school currently uses Wonde or not, getting setup is easy.

If your school already utilises Wonde then we will request access for your Wonde administrator to approve via their administrative panel.

If your school does not use Wonde then we can provide Wonde with your school's information and primary contact. They will work with you to set up Wonde appropriately within your MIS system, free of charge. Once they have implemented Wonde and completed the data audit (which typically takes just a few days), we will then request access to your data to be approved by your Wonde administrator.


  • Automatically sync school data from SchoolPro to Boardingware
  • Use the Wonde interface to control what specific data fields you'd like to sync with Boardingware
  • Makes it quick and simple to roll out Boardingware for a small group or school wide