Front-end Engineer



We are a Kiwi owned and operated company who have gone global, providing support to over 250 boarding schools in 13 countries through our cloud software platform. Since our founding six years ago, we have helped move the industry into modernity, removing the need for pen, paper and clipboards.

By streamlining, automating and enabling greater collaboration for the every-day boarding administration tasks, we’ve been able to improve the lives of boarding staff and increase the safety of boarders.


During our journey, we noticed that many of our clients face common operational challenges throughout the school. We also realised that we’re pretty good at creating solutions to these problems!

So we’ve set out on our next mission - to order operational chaos at schools - and we’ve named it Orah (derived from the Maori word Ora for life and health).

To really get this right, we need to understand the problems, reduce the complexity, and create simple solutions. And that’s where you come in!


Without a doubt, we move at a high pace. Our team is a young crew, made up of high achievers and go getters, and we are keen for someone like minded to join our family!

In this role, you will be a core part of the development team, working directly with the product owner, designers, CTO and company founders.

Your work will have a big impact on the product which continuously receives feedback from customers around the world as we iterate and improve.


The main focus of this role will be the development of our web and hybrid applications. Our technology stack is ever-evolving as we are open to adopting new technologies.

To do well, you’ll need to have:

  • A high HTML/CSS skill level with a knack for good design so you can build something with functionality and a bit of flare!
  • Excellent communication skills - to be able to work closely with product designers, but also for lunchtime banter!
  • Knowledge and experience developing web applications with Javascript/TypeScript using modern technologies like React, AngularJS, Node.js and Webpack.

As a secondary part of the role, you will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of development, including back-end development and DevOps. It’s an excellent role to learn new skills and work towards becoming a full-stack engineer, or hone your existing skills.

Bonus: Our back-end runs on Node.js and MySQL, deployed to AWS infrastructure, so any prior knowledge in these areas is a bonus.


Some key qualities we look for in an engineer are:

  • You’re able to Zoom IN and OUT - The ability to pay attention to detail while maintaining a sense of the broader picture
  • You produce work you’re proud of - You maintain a high standard of quality, producing clean, well structured code that implements effective paradigms
  • You cover all the bases - You consider edge cases during development and testing to ensure a robust system
  • You’re not a pushover and you have an opinion - You contribute valuable ideas towards solving problems, backed by good rationale
  • And you’re willing to listen to others - You are open minded and willing to learn

Note: This role is based in Auckland, New Zealand


Along with our great culture - we offer perks and benefits that we hope will excite you to work at Boardingware.


We want you to continue to grow and develop in your career. So, we will contribute $1000NZD/annum towards a conference of your choice. We want to help you deepen your understanding of topics relevant to your career path.


All New Zealand employees are entitled to health insurance covered by Boardingware.


Learning is ingrained in our culture, and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the screen. You will have $250NZD/annum for books of your choice to further your development.

Flexible Remote Work

If you're not based in Auckland, you have the chance to work remotely from a shared space or your own home. All that matters is that you get the work done.

Online Education

We will contribute $250/annum towards any online course that you would like to participate in.


We will provide you with the technology and equipment (MacBooks are our standard) for you to do your best work.

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