Security and Compliance

Privacy Policy

At Boardingware, we take privacy very seriously. We've recently updated our privacy policy to ensure we can communicate to You, in a clear and jargon-free format, how we process your personal information that is collected and stored within our service.

Use this policy to asses if Boardingware meets your data protection needs and obligations, so you can make an informed decision before sharing your own or any other person's personal data with Boardingware.

Main topics covered in our Privacy Policy:

1. The personal information that Boardingware collects.
2. How Boardingware collects your personal information.
3. Purposes for using personal information.
4. Third-party services used by Boardingware.
5. Who can access personal information stored on Boardingware.
6. Security measures in place to keep your personal data secure.
7. Where Boardingware stores your personal data.
8. How long Boardingware will retain excess data and personal information.
9. Disclosing your personal information.
10. Complaints process.