Product Security

Features designed for your safety

Boardingware tries to seamlessly combine a beautiful user experience with sophisticated security so that you don't have to choose one or the other. These features within our software are designed to ensure the safety of your community.

IP Address detection

Boardingware will track the IP addresses of all parties involved in a leave request and display them for you. If a student is trying to game the system, it will alert you of any matching IP addresses before you make the final judgement.

Faceless Kiosk

HIPAA compliance states that students should not be able to see when other students are in the medical centre. We took it a step further and created a ‘faceless kiosk mode’ so you can decide if you want students to be able to see where other students are.

Audit Log

If you need to trace back to find out the usage of anyone connected to your Boardingware account you can use our Audit log function to ensure your tracks are covered.


The faster you can respond to missing students the better. Teenagers are often late to things, but with our notification system, you will never let anything ‘slip your mind’ because you will be alerted immediately when students are late back

Staff roles/access

There are some staff that don't need access to some information within your Boardingware account. Protect the privacy of your students by assigning roles and access to each member of staff.