Security and Compliance

Security Processes Overview

It is one of our main priorities to ensure all your data is kept safe and secure and that our systems are robust, reliable and seamless. We take the security of your data seriously and have placed an emphasis on implementing maximum security measures to ensure Boardingware is using industry best practices and world-class, global infrastructure.

This document assesses the security processes of Boardingware to help assure that we will be managing your students in a safe online environment. Specifically, this document covers at the technical, organisational and internal product security mechanisms, as well as our shared responsibility model with our first-class data centres.

Main topics covered in our Security Overview:

1. Layered cloud services and security obligations.
2. Amazon Web Services dedicated data-centre, network and firewall.
3. Amazon Web Services on-site security.
4. Boardingware cloud security.
4. Boardingware organisational security.
5. Boardingware security features.

Technical Overview

Boardingware utilises first-class infrastructure and technical configurations to ensure you receive a quality of service that is of the highest standard.

This document provides you with a comprehensive overview of the technical environments, specifications, configurations and requirements Boardingware uses to bring you the best service possible.

Main topics covered in our Technical Overview:

1. Hosting environments.
2. Technical configuration.
3. API and web servers.
4. Database Servers.
5. Network protection.
6. Data encryption.
7. Disaster recovery and readiness.
8. Authentication and authorization.
9. Integrations.
10. Portability / Interoperability.
11. Technical requirements for the user.