Boardingware for Residential staff

All Your Boarding Administration In One Place

Boardingware rolls all your core boarding tasks into one easy-to-use system - So simple that anyone can use it, no matter what your technical ability is, seriously! 

Manage weekend leave requests, daily sign-in & out, pastoral care, roll checks and much more, all from your Boardingware account.

Streamline your weekend leave process

You shouldn't have to spend hours processing paper-work for off-campus leave requests. Customise and automate your leave processes, so you can get back to the things that matter.

Custom Leave Types

Simplify your leave process by organising them into different leave types. Assign student permissions, set the information required, define the approval workflow and set your own rules.

Eliminate confusion

Shared access to leave details means that there's no confusion between staff, students and parents. You can also send and receive messages right from the app to discuss any checks and balances.

Automatic Notifcations

Automatically send leave requests to parents, guardians and hosts for them to approve or decline.

Get alerts for any mischievous behaviour

Boardingware will intelligently alert you when a student is attempting to approve their own leave request.

Quickly account for all your students

Get a real-time view of where all your students are so you can ensure that they're all accounted for.

Real-Time Information

Boardingware automatically updates in real-time, so you can quickly check where your students are and trust that your data is accurate.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive notifications for important events such as when a student requests leave, is added to the watchlist or when a student is late to sign back in.

Roll checks

Whether it's an emergency or just a routine check, with Boardingware you can record attendance whenever you need to and automatically update your database.

Student Records

Access student profiles to view an entire record of their leave history.

Provide more personal pastoral care

Important information like "messy dorms" and "feeling homesick" doesn't belong in your main school management system. It belongs in Boardingware, so your boarding staff can use the data to focus on providing exceptional care for your students.

Student Profiles

Student profiles provide you with a view of their entire pastoral history. Filter by date or category to quickly find you need.

Pastoral Categories

Organise pastoral entries into difference categories to make them easier to search and understand at a glance


Whether your boarders are constantly causing trouble or they're setting a great example, 'flag' them on the watchlist so your staff are aware of students that need attention.

Sensitive Information

Protect sensitive student information from being seen by other staff users.

More features boarding staff love

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Analyse your boarding data to understand what's been happening and why.


Efficiently plan meals to minimise food waste and cost for your catering team.

Activity feed

One simple place to manage all your important staff communications and alerts.

Audit Log

Automatically keep a chronological record of everything that has happened in Boardingware.


Integrate Boardingware with your school management system to simplify your data management process.


World class security infrastructure and processes ensure your data is safe and complies with your regions legislations.


24/7 customer support with 20 average response time, so you can get issues sorted quickly.


Boardingware is available on all devices (even offline) so you can keep track of your students from anywhere.

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