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Boardingware for Residential Staff

Boardingware rolls all your core boarding tasks into one easy-to-use system - So simple that anyone can use it, no matter what your technical ability is, seriously! Manage weekend leave requests, daily sign-in & out, pastoral care, roll checks and much more, all from your Boardingware account.


Never lose track of your students again

Real-Time Homeboard

The homeboard consolidates all your information into one place, providing you with a real-time view of where all your students are, and where they are due to be next.

Keep track of your students from anywhere

Boardingware is available on any mobile device, so you can find out where your students are from anywhere.

Get alerts about important activity

Manage your students more effectively with mobile and email alerts that notify you when something important happens.

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Taking roll checks has never been so easy

Custom Roll Types

When 10 housemasters, take 10 roll calls in 10 different ways, your attendance records become messy and unreliable. Eliminate the errors and drive consistency with custom roll types.

Live Roll Calls

Invite multiple staff members to join in on a single roll call, then watch your student's attendance update in real-time as they are marked off by your peers.

Emergency Roll Calls

Create automated processes to send mass alerts to staff, students and parents to quickly account for your student's safety in the case of an emergency.

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Effortlessly Manage Leave and Sign-in, Sign-out Procedures

You shouldn't have to spend hours processing paper-work for off-campus leave requests. Customise and automate your leave processes, so you can get back to the things that matter.

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pastoral care

deliver quality care for every student

Take pastoral notes on the move

Don't wait till you get back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Use the Boardingware mobile app to record, track and access all your student pastoral information from anywhere.

Keep an eye on specific students

Ensure that troubled students are receiving the support and care they need by using the "Watchlist" to keep track fo their well-being.

information at your fingertips

With a chronological timeline of leave, pastoral and roll events you'll never have to try and remember every achievement, disciplinary incident or medical event ever again. Instead you can focus on what you're good at - building strong and nurturing relationships.

Pinpoint and address alarming student behaviour

Identify and proactively resolve alarming student behaviour with easy-to-understand visual graphs and tables.

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More features boarding staff love

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Analyse your boarding data to understand what's been happening and why.


Efficiently plan meals to minimise food waste and cost for your catering team.

Activity feed

One simple place to manage all your important staff communications and alerts.

Audit Log

Automatically keep a chronological record of everything that has happened in Boardingware.


Integrate Boardingware with your school management system to simplify your data management process.


World class security infrastructure and processes ensure your data is safe and complies with your regions legislations.


24/7 customer support with 20 average response time, so you can get issues sorted quickly.


Boardingware is available on all devices (even offline) so you can keep track of your students from anywhere.

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