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New Feature
April 17, 2019

Introducing Locations: A new multi-layered framework to keep track of your students

Locations allow you to map out all the possible places your students could be while still under your duty of care. You can organise locations into different hierarchies and use custom rules to manage how you check students into different locations. Some of the benefits of this update include:

  • One place to manage all your school location details
  • A more accurate understanding of where your students are, both on and off campus.
  • Ability to manage and enforce check-in processes for each location.
  • Ability to keep track of when visitors are checked into a house / dorm.

The Location Manager will be available from the Admin Console.

What's New:

Location Manager:

  • Organise on-and-off campus locations into a hierarchical format with different Zones and Sub-Locations.
  • Add location details such as address, specific coordinates, and location type
  • Create Interactive Locations to manage how students are checked-in to each location
  • Turn on In-Transit Tracking to record how long it takes students to arrive when they leave a specific location
Name Changes:

We've updated the names of some of our features. These changes are based on feedback from our customers and are designed to make Boardingware simpler, clearer and more universal for all kinds of schools. There are no changes to the normal leave type functionality. Only the names are changing.

  • Leave is now called Pass
  • Sign-in is now called Check-in
Workflow Changes:

In alignment with the name changes, we've also updated the Sign-in workflow.

  • The "Sign-in" action will be updated to "Location"
  • This action will work very similar to the existing Sign-in process, however, instead of only being able to sign students into one place (normally the boarding house), you can choose what location you'd like the student to be checked-in to.
  • This adds more flexibility and makes it easier to quickly update a students location.

New Filters:

As past of this update, we have made some improvements to your filters.

  • The new filter bar allows you to use multiple filters at once
  • There are new filters for In-Transit Tracking
  • There are new filers House Residents and Visitors

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