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April 21, 2015

Staff permissions, in-app notifications, watchlist badges and more...

In this update we’ve made it possible for you to control how your staff members use Boardingware. We added notifications so you are immediately alerted when you receive a new leave request or message. We also made our native iPad app even better by simplifying the navigation and improving the watchlist badges. To top things off, we made Boardingware even easier for your students to use.

What's New:

  • Staff permissions: Control which features and student information other staff members are allowed to access
  • In-app notifications: Receive notifications when student or parent applies for leave
  • User interface improvements to navigation and homeboard
  • Sensitive option available to hide pastoral records from certain staff users
  • Interactive watchlist badges. Click the badges to view details fo the watchlist item.
  • Students can now create saved leaves so they don't have to keep filing out the same leave forms

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