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New Feature
October 7, 2018

Enforce effective disciplinary action with "Gating"

In boarding schools, “Gating” students from going on leave or signing-out to certain activities has proven to be a very effective form of punishment. But most of the time it can be tough to manage and keep track of exactly which students are gated and how long they’re gated for. Not anymore.

To help you enforce effective disciplinary action, we’ve made it possible for you to gate students on the Boardingware platform.

With this feature you can:

  • Flag students as "Gated" to restrict them from going on leave
  • Set a gated duration
  • Create a gated record with details about why students are gated
  • Send alerts to students when they are gated
  • Filter by "Gated" students
  • Enable or disable gating permissions for specific staff

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