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July 19, 2019

New Notification Updates: Push Notifications For Students, New Pass Reminders, New Emergency Alerts

What's New:

Push Notifications for Students:

Students who have installed the Android or iOS Student App will now receive push notifications for all key events. This includes:

  • Reminders for events (Optional)
  • Updates to requests
  • Pass reminders
  • Emergency alerts

New Pass Reminders:

It is now possible to send parents and students push or email reminders to ensure that parents and students don't forget to activate or end their passes at the correct times. These options can be found in the "Rules" section of the pass settings and include the following types of notifications:

  • When a pass is about to end
  • When a pass is about to start
  • When a pass is late

New Emergency Alerts:

We've extended the types of  alerts that you are able to send through Boardingware during an emergency roll. This includes:

  • Alerting parents, students and staff when an emergency roll has been completed
  • Allowing students to respond to an emergency alert to mark themselves as "Safe" or "In Danger"