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November 1, 2019

Simplify Processes with Workflow Automation

Introducing the workflow builder!

In every good school there are a wide range of people who collaborate on a daily basis.  They work hard to fulfill their duty of care and deliver the highest possible education for their students.  These people are teachers, administrators, boarding staff, coaches, nurses, security guards, facility managers, admission advisors, caterers, health and safety officers, compliance officers, operations officers, principals and board members.  Their schools breed success by transferring their values and knowledge to every member of their community.

Frankly, it’s not easy to ensure that each person works with one another in a way that consistently aligns with the values of the school and leverages the wealth of knowledge they have acquired over time.  That’s why we’ve developed the workflow builder.  So that the people in schools can work together in unison to deliver a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment for their students.

What is the workflow builder?

The workflow builder can be used to streamline and provide consistency for any routine process within your school.  You can set up templates for your team so everyone follows the right steps, collects the right information and includes the right people while completing their tasks.

A workflow is made up of a series of steps.  Steps can include either filling out a form, requesting approval or, alerting selected staff members.

Forms are completely customisable and offer a variety of different types of fields so you can collect all the information you may need for a workflow. Workflows can also include an approval process to ensure that authorised staff members have reviewed and given approval when necessary. Custom alerts send email and push notifications to people when they need to be notified.

Create custom workflows to automate and streamline internal processes

When a workflow is activated, the appropriate staff members will be assigned to each step.  Alerts and reminders will be sent to them when it’s their turn to complete a step.  This means that no time is wasted to constantly follow up people to do their part.

From a glance, you can see what workflows are in progress, what stage they’re at, and who is responsible for completing the current step to move it forward. When working on a workflow, you can streamline communications by posting comments for other staff you’re working with.  You can also see a history of actions so you know what happened at each step. Once a workflow is complete, this information will be stored in one place and will be easily searchable giving you instant access to all the information relating to completed workflows.

Execute a workflow from the Boardingware web-app

By adopting workflows, you and your team will be able to save time, follow your best practices consistently, and work better as a team to deliver the best experience for your school community.

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