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Looking for an alternative to your existing boarding management system?

Clunky modules and tabs, complex workarounds, and buggy systems are costing you time and energy, and ultimately stopping you from your main responsibilities. Boardingware gives you back that time with a powerful system that is dead simple to use, so you can focus on delivering superior care for your students.

Find out what makes Boardingware
different from the rest?
1. simple

A powerful leave and exeat system that's simple to use

Boarding staff don't have time to deal with complicated software. That's why we go the extra mile to make sure your leave management process is as simple and stress-free as possible for everyone.

Easy To Customise

Create and customise your own leave types to suit your current processes. Just select the information you require and watch your leave form magically appear right in front of you.

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Involve The Right People At The Right Time

Not all leave scenarios are the same. With Boardingware you can use Workflows to decide who has access and who is responsible for each stage of the process.

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Automate Rules And Restrictions

Control which leave types students can access and set custom cut-off times that will automatically prevent students from requesting leave during the wrong timeframe.

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Collect Signed T&C's For Every Leave Request

Protect your legal liability by setting up custom terms and conditions for anyone that requests or approves a leave request.

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Catch Out Sneaky Students 

Now you can prevent students from cheating the system, because Boardingware can intelligently alert you whenever a student is attempting to approve their own leave request.

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2. focused

Boardingware is focused on your core Problems

We remain super-focused on building quality features that will have an immediate impact on your core problems - So you can enjoy using a system that puts your needs first.

Smarter Student Tracking

Boardingware gives you a real-time view of all your students in one place, so you can keep track of exactly where everyone is without having to change tabs, click out or do a workaround just to find simple information.

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Seriously Fast Roll Checks

Whether it's a routine roll check or an emergency situation, Boardingware will help you to quickly account for your students without any delays.

Invite other staff members to a single roll check to help get it done faster, watch students attendance update in real-time and get a live view of where your students are at a glance, so you don't have to hunt for that information elsewhere.

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A single view of your students activity

Unify your students personal details, permissions and historical activity into one comprehensive profile.

Every leave, pastoral and attendance event is recorded automatically and compiled into a chronological timeline that you can easily filter and search through.

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Switching over has never been easier

It doesn't matter if it's the start of the school year or mid-term, getting started with Boardingware is quick and painless. When you're ready to evaluate Boardingware, we'll help you import all your student data in minutes (not weeks), integrate with your main school management system and provide personalised training sessions to ensure you hit the ground running.


A robust system you can rely on

Boardingware invests in world-class infrastructure and resources to deliver a system that's available 24/7 with quick and helpful customer support when needed.

Unrivalled Customer Support

Get expert help and support whenever you need it. We offer a full suite of training and on-boarding programs to ensure that you thrive and succeed with Boardingware. We're here to help, around the clock, and with offices all over the world, you'll get a speedy response no matter where you are.

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Love your boarding management system again

Here's why Boardingware is the best boarding solution for everyone at your school.

Housemasters Love...

Increase efficiency by 59.07%

Boardingware has been proven to increase the efficiency of your boarding processes by an average of 59.07%

Instant mobile access

Our mobile apps let you track and manage your students wherever and whenever you need to.

Simple design

Forget modules and tabs, our focus on creating a simple intuitive interface means that even technophobes feel comfortable using Boardingware.

Peace of mind

With everything in one place, you can finally stop stressing about you paperwork and record keeping, and enjoy the peace of mind that all your students are accounted for.

Students & Parents Love...

Modern & straightforward

Students and parents are happy to adopt Boardingware without delay or confusion because it's modern and simple to use.

Transparent Communication

The increased transparency and communication helps to give students and parents a greater sense of security.

IT Departments Love...

zero Setup & Maintenance

We can take care of all your data storage, integrations, training, bug issues and all support queries so your IT department doesn't have to.

Advanced Data security

We're serious about data security and 100% transparent about our security processes and privacy protocols.

Heads of School Love...

Reduced risk & Compliance

Boardingware gives you a complete account of your students activity so can easily demonstrate compliance requirements for daily care and crisis management.

Return On Investment

Boardingware actually saves your school money. The amount of time and money saved with management processes and reduced food waste easily outweighs the ongoing costs of Boardingware.

Security and privacy built in

We Take The Responsibility Of Managing Your Data Seriously And Have Built Boardingware With Security And Privacy As A Top Priority

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Your data is encrypted over the internet and at rest
You can manage user access and feature permissions
Multi-Regional Storage
Store your data in a region that meets your data sovereignty regulations
GDPR Ready
Boardingware will erase data when your users excercise rights outlined by GDPR
Boardingware is HIPPA Compliant
Student Privacy Pledge
Boardingware has signed the student Privacy Pledge

"Boardingware has made that part of our job much more efficient and much more sound. It saves us a ton of time and is far more efficient than how we were doing things in the past. I would 100% recommend Boardingware."

Ashley McDowell,
Dean of Students at Episcopal High School

"The other options are limited, and don't feel like they were made with boarding programs in mind. Boardingware listens to the feedback from the schools and implements changes accordingly. It's made for boarding programs by people who know boarding programs."

Andrew Wright,
Dean of Residential Life at Foxcroft Academy

"Boardingware provides a great number of resources for enhancing your accountability systems. Having all of those systems centralised and easily accessible from any computer, iPad, or cell phone certain helps faculty and administration at VES care for our entire boarding student population outside the academic day."

Marcia Yochum,
Dean of Students at Virginia Episcopal School

"We looked at several and chose Boardingware because of the ease of use and feature set it provided our community."

Matthew Gerber,
Director of Information and Education Technology

Let's change the way you feel about boarding management

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