Quickly account for all your students

Boardingware tells you where all your students are so you can enjoy the peace of mind that they're all accounted for

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Quickly see where your students are

Check exactly where all your students are right from your mobile device. Quickly flick between students who are in-house, out-of-house or late to return.

Get accurate student information

Everything is instantly updated, so you can trust that the information is accurate and confidently account for your students.

Account for your students past leave

Student profiles contain an entire history of leave events so you can easily go back and account for students past movements.

Get a visual overview for your students whereabouts

Use the leave-board to quickly see where all your students are at a glance

The leave board is the perfect tool to see all your student's leave details at a glance. Instantly see what leave they've taken, filter through different leave types for clarity and sign students in with a just a few clicks - It's that easy.