Boarding schools worldwide rely on Boardingware because it means they can spend more quality time with their students instead of dealing with mass amounts of paperwork. Boardingware simplifies your daily tasks and provides you with powerful insights and planning to take your residential team to the next level.

Process daily and weekend leave requests from any device

Whether your students going home for the weekend, checking out for sports practise or requesting permission for a field trip...Boardingware has you covered.

Manage any type of leave request from any device, anytime, anywhere. Receive live notifications, check leave details and make adjustments at any stage of the process.  
All your student's leave destinations are also tracked so you always know where your students are, where they've been and where they're heading next. 

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Track the behavioural progress of your boarders

Whether your boarders are constantly causing trouble or they're setting a great example...Quickly take note and inform the rest of your staff about students that need attention. 

Boardingware gives you a single place to record, track and store pastoral information whilst your on the move.

And all the information recorded is securely stored in the student's profiles so you can easily find the information you're looking for.

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Take attendance rolls for any student group, anywhere, anytime

Use Boardingware's roll check to quickly account for everyone during a crisis event, field trip or just for your everyday routines.

Online roll checks keep your staff perfectly in-sync and also clearly display your students current leave status so you know right away, why they're late or absent.

And Boardingware also saves you considerable time by letting you take notes and sign-students-in directly from the roll call.

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Learn from your activity and optimise your care

With Boardingware's powerful insights, you can begin to make sense of all the information your logging in. Visually analyse your boarding activity and discover trends across your entire school, a single house or just for your individual students. 

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Ready to take your Residential team to the next level?

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