Students love Boardingware because they have more freedom and flexibility to live independently, making boarding a more enjoyable experience. There's no confusion or miscommunication when submitting a leave request, self-service check-outs are effortless and students can view/update their profile at anytime.

Students can apply for leave right from their mobile device

Preset leave options simplify the leave process for students. With just a few clicks, students simply select the type of leave they wish to take, fill in the required information and submit - It's that easy.

Permissions are automatically sent to their parents, hosts or certain staff members for approval so you don't have to send a single email or phone call.

Students can also view which leave requests are still awaiting approval, leave passes that are coming up and any notes or leave details that have been changed along the way.

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View, update and sync new contact information

Student's can view their contact information, add new contacts and update any existing contacts right from their mobile device. This means you don't have to manually update any contact information yourself.

Students can also view their personal pastoral and leave history so they can review how they're performing, how many leave passes they have left etc.

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Real-time notifications for leave approval and changes

Students are notified when their leave requests have been approved, declined or require more information. This feedback streamlines the entire process and allows students to carry on with their day with minimal disturbance.

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