Powerful insights that are simple to understand

Get actionable insights and reports to evaluate what's been happening in your boarding school and why.

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Gone are the days of meaningless reports. Boardingware now offers you actionable insights to truly understand what's really happening in your boarding school. Boardingware uses the information gathered from your daily activities to automatically generate easy-to-understand visual summaries for individual students, house groups or your entire school, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions and plan future actions.

Insights for leave, pastoral and rolls

Identify trends and risks associated with your students leave, pastoral and attendance behaviour.

Graph view

The graph view provides you with more holistic insights to help identify trends for groups of students.

List view

Use the list view to get more granular insights into individual students pastoral behaviour, attendance records and leave patterns.

Interactive analytics

Dive into your data and find exactly what you're looking for with interactive toggle options, filters and date ranges.

Export your data

Easily export your insights data to create quick and easy reports.

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