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Covid-19 Solutions

Learn how you can use Boardingware products to welcome and keep students safe during COVID-19.

checkpoint tiles

Touchless sign-in-and-out

Protect your students' health and safety, and minimise the risk of potential transmission with Checkpoint Tiles.

Checkpoint Tiles allow students to sign-in/out of locations by simply scanning their phone. The contactless process helps to minimise the spread of germs and limit the exposure of Covid-19 while also providing a quick and frictionless way to monitor student movements.


Contact tracing reports

Boardingware allows you to analyse your students location activity via a Contact Tracing Report that helps to rapidly identify who might have been in contact with a possible case of Covid-19, so you can prioritise testing, quarantine and other control measures to minimise the rate of transmission and prevent a sever outbreak from occurring.

online forms

Build custom daily health screening and symptom tracking forms

With our online form builder, you can create custom forms to support Covid19 protocols and procedures such as daily health screening, symptom surveys, parental consent forms, policy agreements etc.

Forms can be sent automatically to staff, students and parents on a repeating basis and instantly update records in your database, proving you with critical information to uphold health and safety standards.

workflow automation

Streamline Covid-19 procedures and protocols

Uphold health and safety standards by organising and streamlining all your Covid-19 processes with our Workflow Builder.

Our Workflow Builder allows you to breakdown processes into into different stages, assign responsibilities, automate tasks, notifications and much more.

Now you can standardise and create workflows for things like a Suspected Case Procedure, Outbreak Management Plan or Daily Cleaning Processes to ensure everything is conducted accurately and thoroughly.

Give confidence to your school community that all appropriate measures are upheld with touchless sign-in, contact tracing reports, wellness checks, streamlined workflows and more...

More features to help with Covid-19

Repeating forms and reminders

Send forms to students, parents and staff on a repeating schedule and setup a cadence of automated reminders to ensure forms are submitted promptly.

Analyse form responses from one place

All of your COVID-19 form responses and incidents are easily accessible in Boardingware for you to view, share and analyse.

Automated smart group managment

Use Covid-19 data to organise students into relevant smart groups to effectively organise and stay onto of student management.

Access information in real-time

Share knowledge and improve communication with watchlists, alerts and activity feeds to ensure all staff are aware of what's happening and who might have Covid19 Symptoms.

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