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Leave management

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Simple on / off campus leave

Process off-campus leave requests with ease. Review requests, get parent approvals take notes and sign students out right from your Boardingware account.

Quick daily check in / out

Instantly sign students in and out for daily activities whilst maintaining valuable face-to-face contact.

Self-service kiosk mode

Go hands-free with kiosk mode. Let your students sign themselves in and out, whilst you receive live updates on your account.

Quick leave

Create "Quick leaves" to sign students out in just 3 clicks. Perfect for common situations like sports practises, study hall, gym etc.


Save time and effort by signing multiple student's in/out at once with our multi-select feature.

Leave notifications

Receive real-time notifications of leave requests, whose approved and any other changes that are made to the permission.

Integrated communications

Automatic emails are sent to required approvers as soon as a leave request is made, so you don't have to follow people up.

Leave management

Create and manage as many different leave forms/types as you wish. Select the criteria that's required for each leave, who can apply for certain leaves and much more.

Leave history and notes

Every change and event is recorded in each student's profile so you can easily see whose responsible for certain actions.

Pastoral care

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Record and track pastoral information

Don't wait till you get back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Record, track and access all your student pastoral information on the go.

Save students to your watchlist

Keep and eye on certain students and keep the rest of your residential team in the loop by putting them on the watchlist.

Mark sensitive information

Mark certain incidents as sensitive and restrict certain users from viewing certain information.

Staff message board

A simple and effective way for your staff to leave notes for the next person on duty, so they can start their shift right where you left off, without delay.

Record multiple entries at once

Save time and effort by recording incidents for groups of students with our multi-select feature.

Categorise pastoral information

Organise your information by categorising each entry to make them easier to search. Categorise by discipline, medical , merits, academic and general.

Student tracking

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Keep attendance

Take rolls to ensure all your students are where they're supposed to be. Mark students currently on leave as late or sign them in, right from the roll check tool.

Live student feed

Easily see where your students are right now. Their current leave status will be clearly displayed in all areas of Boardingware so you don't have to check another source.

Student profiles

View student profiles for more detailed information, including leave records, pastoral records, contact, medical, dietary information and much more

Attendance history

Boardingware stores all your roll checks so you can go back and review old attendance notes.

School wide view

Perform important roll checks for students just in a specific house or school wide.


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Leave types for all situations

Leave types are fully customisable to suit your campus. You choose the criteria that's required, from possible destinations, to arrival times, returning meals, required approvers and much more.

Roll types for any occasion

You take a lot of rolls a day, so it only makes sense that you can easily categorise and take rolls for specific situations. Create rolls for lights out, dinner, field trips etc

Student groups

Organise your students into different groups and perform group actions to save time. Create groups for anything such as sports teams, study groups, prefects, year levels etc

User restrictions

Restrict access and abilities for both staff users and student users.

Custom fields

Use custom fields to add additional information to your student profiles.

Houses and dorms

Segment your students into different houses to make management simpler and specific for particular members of your residential team.

Real insights and analytics

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Get real insights

Analyse past, present and future data for your student leave, pastoral care and attendance. Use these valuable insights to help you identify problems and plan future logistics in advance.

Plan with confidence

Use the results gathered from your insights to help you confidently and easily plan events in advance. Plan how many taxi's need ordering, meals to cook, rooms to prepare etc

Export smart reports

Create thorough reports, instantly. Easily export your insights, planning and student information for well documented and beautiful reports.

Technical specs

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SIS Integration

Integrate Boardingware with your SIS to prevent unnecessary double data manage and to keep your data consistent across all programs.

Cloud storage

Enjoy hassle-free cloud storage. Store and access your student information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multi-national data storage

We have multiple servers around the world to securely store your information at a location that suits you can your legislations. We can also maintain the system without disturbing your daily activities.

Controlled access

Control your users access to specific information. Control what your students and parents can see and which staff have permission to see sensitive information.

Built to perform at scale

Boardingware has been developed to manage schools of all sizes. Our high performance servers, networks and infrastructure ensure we can deliver quality service to you and all our other customers.

Constant updates and innovation

We're constantly improving, delivering new features and performance enhancements. Updates are delivered frequently and without interrupting your day.

Military-grade encryption

All your student data is military grade encrypted for added security so you can sleep easy knowing your student information is safe.

User authentication

Boardingware grants access only through a specific login and password unique to each user.

World class support and service

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Online help centre

We have a large knowledge bank of free online resources, help files and video tutorials you can use whenever you want and we're always creating more files for your convenience.

In-App messenger

Get in touch with us directly from the Boardingware app with our In-app chat service.

Email or live chat

Our friendly customer support team is quick to respond to you, no matter what time of day it is or where in the world you are.

Comprehensive professional training

Every Boardingware customer will receive personal training sessions to make sure you're up to speed and ready to launch.

Free support around the clock

Get truly helpful support from a real person and not an automated response. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Boardingware specialists

We have a dedicated team of Boardingware specialists that are assigned to be your personal account manager.

Go Mobile

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Any device

Boardingware's responsive web app works on iPhone, iPad, Androids, Windows, Tablets and more.

Native iPad app

Boardingware is also one of the few systems to have a native iPad app. Native iPad apps perform up to 50% faster and are more reliable than hybrid or other applications.

Work offline

Use Boardingware even if you loose internet connection. Boardingware will automatically sync as soon as you re-connect.