Clean and simple SIS integration

We integrate seamlessly with your existing SIS so you don't have to manually copy any information across

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Boardingware integrates with all major SIS's, SIMS's and MIS's. Multiple technology partnerships mean we can help you get started faster, save time and eliminate the hassle of double-data-management to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Automatic updates

All the changes made in your SIS will be automatically updated inside of Boardingware

User authentication

Boardingware grants access only through a specific login and password unique to each user.

API custom integration service

Integration is certainly not a problem for Boardingware, even if your student management system is custom built and unique to your school. Our well structured and flexible API enables us to build custom integrations quickly and cleanly.

No maintenance required

Adopting a new software product typically means there's another program for your IT department to maintain and look after - basically more work for them.

But this isn't the case with Boardingware. Our dedicated development team is constantly maintaining, servicing and upgrading the system remotely so there's no extra work load for your IT department.