Stimulate your mind. Do meaningful work.

At Boardingware we're challenging the way that schools provide care for their students. Helping an industry that has been dominated by pen, paper and human error, our clients use our software to gain security, efficiency and peace of mind so they can focus on what they do best.

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What it's like to work at Boardingware

Stepping into any of the Boardingware offices around the world might surprise you. It's quiet and calm, but under the placid exterior is an ambition to succeed like no other.

The regular interactions and meaningful work we do with people around the globe encourages a broader mind and an understanding of different cultures. We believe this gives us a unique advantage as  it's something you might not experience in larger, less personal organisations.

If you're looking to work with Boardingware in New Zealand, our office is a light-filled, spacious New York-style loft in Parnell, Auckland. The area is thriving with prominent tech, media and design companies as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes for play time.

If you’re located anywhere else in the world you can work from home or a shared office - just wherever you can find your flow.

We believe in working hard and effectively. As the famous Peter Drucker once said,“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. As an intentionally small team, we have jobs and tasks begging for our attention all day, but we believe in choosing the right things to do and doing them well.

The skills you will learn at Boardingware will be extremely valuable for all of your future endeavours whether that’s progressing here at Boardingware, moving on to another company or starting your own, we guarantee your talents will not be wasted on menial tasks.

We live by certain values

We are a global team working towards a common mission. These are the values that unite us and influence the way we work together...

  1. Good is the enemy of great. The difference between good and great is often just a decision.
  2. Put your honest thoughts on the table. Don’t hold back, make sure your rationale is voiced and understood so we can move closer to what’s right.
  3. Continuous Improvement. We constantly strive to be better than we were yesterday.
  4. You can’t buy back integrity. Integrity takes a lifetime to build and a few minutes to ruin. We strive to do the right thing in any scenario.
  5. Open mindedness. We are independent thinkers but we also understand that we don’t know everything and others can provide insights that we weren’t aware of.
  6. Be thrifty. We believe in getting the most out of every day and every dollar.

Are you driven, independent and considerate?

At Boardingware we like motivated people that can manage themselves. You should be able to plan, set goals and execute consistently because the last thing we want - is to have to babysit. You should enjoy building systems and processes that help you and your team to work more efficiently, no matter what your area of expertise is.

What we don’t want, is a room full of clones that just agree with one perspective. We want people who are independent thinkers that bring a range of perspectives to the company. We do our best to look for people from different backgrounds and different ideals in order to bring diversity to our decision making and working environment.

We know that if you look at our team page, it's hard to see much diversity - and we're very aware of this which is why we're trying hard to encourage people from all walks of life to apply.

Small Team, big perks

Along with our great culture - we offer perks and benefits that we hope will excite you to work at Boardingware


We will contribute $1000NZD/annum towards a conference of your choice. The goal would be to help you deepen your understanding of a topic related to your career path.


We provide fresh fruit and healthy snack options to keep you topped up and fuelled throughout the day.


Those that show commitment to our mission and contribute positively to the team are rewarded with equity in the business.

Work Remotely

If you're not based in Auckland, you have the chance to work remotely from a shared space or your home. All that matters is that you get the work done.


Learning is engrained in our culture. You will have $250NZD/annum for books (or kindle books) of your choice to further your development.

Online Education

We will contribute $250/annum towards any online course that you would like to participate in.


We will provide you with the best technology (Macbooks are our standard) and equipment so you can do your best work.


All New Zealand employees have their healthcare covered with Boardingware.