Security and Compliance

Terms of Use

Welcome to Boardingware, an online student management service designed especially for Boarding schools. These Terms of Use are intended to explain our obligations as a service provider and Your obligations as a customer.

These terms are binding on any use of the Service and apply to You from the time that Boardingware provides You with access to the Service. These terms constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Boardingware so Please read them carefully.

Main topics covered in our Terms of Use:

1. Modifications to the service and the Terms of Use.
2. Use of the service.
3. Service fees.
4. Account registration.
5. Provision of information about students.
6. Data security.
7. Ownership.
8. Termination and account cancellation.
9. Disclaimers.
10. Indemnities.
11. Limitation of liability.
12. Governing law and jurisdiction.

Service Level Agreement

Providing our users with the highest quality service is a top priority here at Boardingware and our commitment to our high standards have been laid out in our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your convenience.

The SLA provides you with certain standards you can expect from Boardingware as well as the rights and remedies you may exercise if you experience a service interruption due to Boardingware breaching this SLA.

Main topics covered in our Service Level Agreement:

1. Guaranteed service availability and uptime.
2. Service resolution update time.
3. Customer service response time.
4. Customer service availability.
5. Update notifications.
6. Maintenance notifications.
7. Proactive service outage notifications.
8. Reclaiming customer data.
9. Service level breaches and penalties.