Student care

The Activity Feed

Stay up-to-date with everything that's happened in the Activity Feed

Activity Feed

Stay up-to-date with key events

The Activity Feed automatically compiles everything that has happened into an easily digestible timeline.

Just check the Acitivity Feed before you go on duty to quickly get up-to-date with rolls taken, new pastoral records, late students, end-of-shift reports and any other important events.

Shift reports

Share reports with rich text posts

Rich text posts allow you to create beautifully formatted written posts that you can share in the Activity Feed. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use our Rich text editor to create and share formal end-of-shift reports, announcements or anything else you want to share with your team.

Staff members can also comment on your posts, so you can have relevant communications about certain topics and quickly take action when needed.

"When we go on duty, we use the 'Activity Feed' to immediately learn what has been taking place leading up to that moment - Who is sick, who is off-campus, who missed the breakfast roll. All of this information is in one place."

Anton Iturbe,
Director of Residential Life at St Anne's-Belfield School

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