Student Tracking
student tracking

Keep track of your students on-campus activity

When students sign-in/out with Boardingware, you get accurate information about their activity in real-time

quick check-in/out

sign students in/out right from your mobile device

Maintain face-to-face communication

Maintain valuable interactions with your students by creating a custom workflow that requires students to sign-in/out with staff members face-to-face.

Sign-out multiple students at once

Our multi-select feature let's you select as many students as you want and sign them out simultaneously, eliminating the time and hassle of your other systems.


Let students sign themselves in/out

Self-service kiosk

With Boardingware's Checkpoint app, students can sign themselves in and out and instantly update their leave information so you always know where your students are.

protect your students privacy

Add a layer of privacy to your checkpoint interface with a "Faceless View" that prevents students from viewing other peoples personal information.

pin code authentication

Improve your authentication protocols by asking students to enter their unique pin-code when signing in and out.

checkpoint manager

remotely configure and Manage all your checkpoint devices

Custom checkpoint types

Centrally configure and manage the privacy settings, permissions and appearance for all of your Checkpoints.

Monitor checkpoint activity

Keep track of all your Checkpoints wifi connectivity with a live activity log and interactive map view.

Quickly troubleshoot errors

Get real-time alerts of any 'offline' activity. Then review the error log to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues you may be experiencing.

"Checkpoint kiosk has allowed us to give each house a really effective way to manage the signing in and out of house members. The system looks very professional and sets the right tone to all stakeholders, in particular parents when they visit the houses."

Andy Barnes,
Director of Technology at Bryanston School

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