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Leave and Exeat Management

Effortlessly coordinate and manage all your student leave, exeat & permissions all from one place

Boardingware - Boarder leave requests
Receive leave requests from anywhere

Students and parents can instantly request for leave right from their own Boardingware account.

Automatically get parent approval 

Boardingware automatically sends leave requests to parents, guardians and hosts for them to approve or decline.

Real time notifications

Real time notifications alert you when someone has requested for leave, approved, declined or made any other changes during the process.

manage requests

Organise all your leave requests in one place

Quickly see who has approved

Simple colour coded icons quickly tell you who has approved, declined and still awaiting confirmation.

Gain full visibility and control

Enjoy full visibility and control of the entire process. View every detail, make changes as needed and send/receive messages all from one simple place.

Get alerts for any mischievious behaviour

Boardingware will intelligently alerts you when a student is attempting to approve their own leave request.

automated workflows

Create custom leave types to suit your workflow

Live form builder

Simply select the details you need and watch your form magically appear in front of your eyes.

Design your own workflow

Not all leave scenarios are the same. With Boardingware you can decide who has access and who is responsible for each stage of the process.

Set departure and return time rules

Give yourself more control over your leave permissions with sophisticated departure and return time rules.

real-time schedule

Coordinate departures and returns from one screen

Timeline view

Get a visual overview of every students leave schedule. See when they are going on leave, how long they're going for and when they're due back all from one screen.

Departures and returns

View a list of all your departures and returns for a specific date or date range.  

Keep track of overdue leave

Don't let anything fall through the cracks. Boardingware automatically organises all your overdue leave activity into one place so you can quickly address important events that require your attention.

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