South African College Schools

What was the biggest challenge before you used Boardingware at your school?

Wondering if boys had parents permission to sign out and if they were actually where they had written they would be.

What was the process of getting started with Boardingware like?

A simple process. Great support and training by the lovely Customer Success team.

What has the success/support team at Boardingware been like to work with?


What was it like to get the rest of your team up and running with Boardingware?


What has allowed you to be so successful with Boardingware?

On hand support and a simple software system.

Has there been a particular Boardingware feature that has helped you the most?

Roll call and weekend signouts.

What would you say to other schools looking to implement Boardingware at their school?

A must-have to protect you if things do go wrong and come back at you in 10 years time.

What made you choose Boardingware over the other options out there?

Not many options out there. The features suited our needs.

Is there any final thoughts or words you would like to share?

For South African schools the costs seem high. But when you break it down per pupil and what it gives you in terms of piece of mind, I think it is so worth it.

140 boarding / 780 total
Cape Town, South Africa
"For South African Schools the costs seem high. But when you break it down per pupil and what it gives you in terms of peace of mind, I think it is so worth it."
Barry Van Selm
Deputy Headmaster

See why the worlds best boarding schools rely on Boardingware to account, care and safeguard students.

We have greatly appreciated the simplicity that Boardingware has provided in helping us create a safe and healthy campus. The simple process of sign ins at meals and on dorm have actually allowed faculty to get to know new students quicker, and facilitated more student and faculty connection as it requires less time to account for where students are.

Marcia Yochum
Dean of Students, Virginia Episcopal School

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