Boarding school software for Parents


Boardingware gives parents the sense of security that's expected from boarding schools in the 21s Century. Instant communication, notifications and real-time information makes leave requests quick and painless, and access to their children's details also helps to reduce the gap between parents and children in boarding.  

Quick and painless leave requests

Receiving leave requests from parents or getting permission from guardians and hosts has never been simpler.

Apply on behalf of children

Parents can apply for leave on behalf of their children right from their mobile device.


Parents, guardians and hosts are automatically notified when their child has requested leave that requires their permission.

access Leave details

Parents have full access to all important information regarding their child's leave request.

respond to leave requests with one click

Parents can approve, decline or request more information about the leave right from their email inbox or their Boardingware account.

Stay in the loop

No more frustrating back-and-forth communications between parents and boarding staff


Parents, guardians and hosts can discuss leave requests with boarding staff and students from right inside Boardingware. No more email chains, phone calls, txt's or voicemails.

Leave history

Parents can access an entire history of their children's leave activity right from their Boardingware account, so there's no need to hassle housemasters with phone calls.

Multiple boarders

Parents can manage multiple boarders from a single account.

Update details at any time

Parents can check and update their contact details at anytime to ensure the school database is accurate.

More reasons why parents love Boardingware:

Sense of security

Parents love knowing that schools have proper systems in place to keep track of where their students are.

stronger boarding community

Boardingware helps you to build a stronger boarding community by connect parents, students and staff under one system.


Simple and intuitive design means that parents find Boardingware very easy to learn and use.

"Almost straight away my staff picked it up and the pupils and their parents really liked it which was a big factor in the decision because having their buy in is crucial to making anything like this work."

Steve Gardner, Director of Boarding at The Harefield Academy, UK

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