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"Boardingware gives our parents and staff peace of mind and confidence that we know where our students are"

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Boardingware gives parents the peace of mind their children are in safe hands. Centralised communications, notifications and instant access to insight about their child’s activity, development and wellbeing help to strengthen relationships, build trust and improve overall parent satisfaction.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Save time with communication
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Improved parent satisfaction and relationships
“Almost straight away my staff picked it up and the pupils and their parents really liked it which was a big factor in the decision because having their buy in is crucial to making anything like this work.”
Steve Gardner
Head of Boarding at The Harefield Academy

Eliminate the back-and-forth

Boardingware makes parent-school communication quick and painless. Streamlined workflows for leave requests, permissions and activities help to eliminate any back-and-forth, centralise communications, and save precious time for both parents and staff.

Stay connected

Notifications, alerts, and schedule views make it easy for parents to check-in and feel connected with their children while they’re away at boarding school. View schedule of their children

Why Boardingware?

We're obsessed with providing a solution fit for your boarding community

Give parents peace of mind

When it comes to child care, trust and transparency are critical. Give parents the peace of mind that their children are in safe hands while at boarding school.

Getting started is quick and painless

SSO capabilities mean parents can login to Boardingware using the same login credentials they already use for everything else.

Improve parent satisfaction

Give your boarding families an outstanding experience that goes above and beyond their expectations to improve parent relationships.

Invite your school to use Boardingware

Interested in using Boardingware to connect with your child and improve their safety, wellbeing and development? Send us a message and we'll get in touch for you.

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