Minimise risk and increase student safety

Safeguard helps you mitigate risk and uphold your safeguarding responsibilities with effective emergency response and risk planning

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Automate emergency communications and use the live location data already stored in Boardingware to intelligently allocate resources, accelerate response times and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved in the event of a crisis.

Rapid response

Equip stakeholders with the ability to send school-wide alerts for emergencies and trigger emergency response procedures

Account for students in real-time

Use live location data to effectively account for students in real-time and check the safety status to assess who needs assistance

Plan and minimise risk

Prepare emergency response procedures in advance to ensure you are ready to act fast and effectively in the event of a crisis

Be prepared for every scenario

“Emergency Roll Types” allow you to organise and prepare all your roll settings, live-roll assignments, attendance codes, and custom messaging, so all you have to do is initiate the process.

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Safety that's mobile

Emergencies aren’t confined to classrooms; today’s schools are mobile. With Safeguard, staff and students can quickly respond and communicate through the Boardingware mobile app.

Real-time collaboration to account for students effectively

Easily see what location students were last checked in to, which students have been marked safe, at risk or unaccounted for, as well as the specific duty staff responsible for checking them off, all from one screen and in real-time.

Give your community a sense of security

Show your community that you take security seriously by running regular drills and clearly communicating the process for all parties involved should a real crisis or emergency occur.

"The Real-time data that Boardingware is able to provide in an emergency situation is critical to quickly assessing the situation and confirming the safety of your students"
Stacey Gearhart
Assistant Head for Student Life (PS-4) & Dorm Parent at St Anne's Belfield School

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Safeguard provides you with the tools to minimise risk and keep students safe. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with the Boardingware suite of products.

student accountability


Effortlessly coordinate, track and manage student movements, on and off school grounds.

co-curricular management


Tools to plan, organise and manage extracurricular activities and events.

crisis response


Mitigate risk and enhance campus safety with emergency response and risk planning.

pastoral and wellbeing



Identify behavioural patterns and develop action plans to impact your students wellbeing & development.

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